Prayer Items

Urgent Prayer Needs…

I have three research papers due in the next few weeks! And then finals. Prayer for discipline, miraculous productivity, and maturity in handling the stress.

Provision through some tough financial difficulties in the past month due to car repairs, a costly fender bender, and monthly bills going up.

That my financial needs would be met to take two RTS classes this summer. I need to raise close to $1000 for the summer.

Continual Prayer Needs…

That I would be an effective, prepared, and loving teacher to the 9th graders at Greyfriars Classical Academy.

That I would find good friends and build good relationships at RTS and in Charlotte.

That I would excel in my classes and work hard.

That as I learn more about Christ and His Word, I would develop a greater humility and a deeper passion for Him: that seminary would not become a spiritual cemetery…

That God would prepare me well for my calling.

That I would thoroughly enjoy my years in Charlotte, making the most of the time by enjoying God’s unique gifts in this unique city.

Answered Prayers

I have found a good church and have found many opportunities to serve.

I was able to afford my second semester at RTS!

I passed my Greek I clep test and am on to Greek II! 

After months of searching, we have secured a house with a year lease! 

A few months ago, I did not know anyone I could live with in Charlotte. But God has provided me with 3 housemates!

A month ago, I did not have a job secured in Charlotte and was most likely going to have to push off my seminary plans for 1 or 2 years. God has since provided me with a teaching position at Greyfriars Classical Academy!


One thought on “Prayer Items

  1. Hey Nate I was looking for a Sovereign Grace/Presbyterian church in Charlotte, and turns out there’s one called Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church..haha. It looks really solid, from the brief look through their mission statement I made. You should check it out. Not sure yet how far it is from campus or anything. Love you man.


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