Sunday Tidbit: Of Art and the Artist

Art is the window into the artist’s soul.

We journey through our days midst strangers, sporting chance to see into each other’s souls. And yet we cannot find the eyes, or find what lies within, to see and show and make our souls give words into the other. But if we find the chance to meet an artist with his art, within 5 minutes of that greet, we’ll find the light that shines into that soul, for he has found the pluck to bring it out for show-and-tell. The artist’s craft rests not in words or marks or song, but in the miner’s skill to graft his heart that it might see the sun. And for those lesser men like we, who seek to stand and see into that graven hole, we need not journey far. For when we linger midst the trees, we linger near our Maker’s heart; the grandest show-and-tell that e’re has met the light of day, which speaks of graven marks upon the Artist’s hands and heart.

And gives us eyes to see.




4 thoughts on “Sunday Tidbit: Of Art and the Artist

    • Yeah. That’s it.
      When we “chance to meet an artist and his art…we’ll find the light that shines into that soul.”
      How is it that artists do that?!
      What is it about the nature of art that fosters a revealing of the artist’s soul?
      Thanks for leading us in the end to The Artist who has revealed his Soul.

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  1. Did you take this picture yourself? Truly spectacular.

    This post made me think of a great historical fiction trilogy by Edith Pargeter (better known as Ellis Peters of Brother Cadfael fame) which has the vision of the artist as its central theme. All three books can be bought bound together, and the name of the first book and the trilogy as a whole is The Heaven Tree. They’re set on the Welsh/English border c. 1200 A.D., and the main character is a stone-mason who builds a cathedral. Pargeter’s fiction is no longer very well known, but it should be, and this particular trilogy is a real treasure for those who find it.

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