Sunday Tidbit: On Love and Music

Generally when I begin a resolution to engage in a recurring activity (exercise 3 times per week, read from ‘x’ book 10 pages per day, etc.), my resolve lasts but for a moment. Because of that, I’m going to refrain from actually make a weekly resolution. But let’s just say that in my ideal world, every Sunday I’d post what I’m entitling “Sunday Tidbits”–a paragraph that’s more of a snapshot into something I think is significant enough to chew on and over the course of the week have the opportunity to dive into as a collective. Savor these tidbits–or spit them out, if you prefer. 

A melody is only as good as its harmony. And in this, don’t we find insight into the nature of love? “It is not good for man to be alone.” Just as a melody by itself is only a shell, a half-baked idea at best, so we, by ourselves, are only half-baked people, fragmented and longing for harmony to make us whole. And just as a harmony doesn’t diminish the melody, but brings it to completion, so, too, does true love and union enrich the personhood of the other. We all long for harmony, for in harmony our true selves ring.




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