You Have Been Heard…

It’s been a little over a week since I sent out a plea for prayers, and it didn’t take but a day to feel those prayers heard and answered by our Faithful Heavenly Father.

Within hours, many of you had messaged me with encouraging words, and within a few days I found several sweet letters in my mailbox.  And I know that many more have been praying for me.  God has heard your prayers and encouraged my heart to keep plugging away at school and teaching, and He has given me several thoughtful friends here in Charlotte who I’ve been able to spend some time with these past two weeks. So thank you for your prayers: it shows me clearer than anything else that you love me, God loves me, and I can thrive here in Charlotte–however long it takes to achieve it.


I’ve let the busyness keep me from writing nearly as much as I should. But I determine to make these next few weeks far more fruitful in blog posts, updates, and thoughts–I may be lacking in many things, but thoughts are not one of them! Some things to look forward to reading about:

    -My church search

    -The challenges of 1st year teaching

    -Finding friends!

    -Lessons learned from living with three random housemates

Until then, may God bless you for your faithful prayers and faithful reading!


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