Week In Review

It’s been a crazy week.

Last Wednesday was my first day of teaching at Greyfrairs and my first day of RTS: what a whirlwind! I’m beginning to think that that word, whirlwind, may be the defining word of my first semester. Taking 5 graduate courses is difficult enough, but when I add teaching literature and history two days a week–and making up my course material along the way–my life becomes very full. It’s a blessing, then, that I enjoy what I’m doing so much.

I love my 9th graders. I have 13 smart, funny, and personality-filled 14 year-old kids learning history and literature from me, and it’s a blast. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed explaining concepts to them, diving into literature with them, challenging them, laughing with them, and most significantly, learning alongside them. God made me a verbal processor, so I learn as much about these subjects teaching them as I do reading about them; and maybe that’s why it’s so much fun. At any rate, it seems the kids enjoy it too: the word is that I’m the “cool teacher” on the block–sometimes that’s just synonymous with young, though, so I’m not really sure what to make of it. Most importantly for me, I’m building relationships with them, and with relationship comes influence. I’m not just a literature and history teacher for these kids; I’m someone who can have a life-changing influence on them, for good or for ill. So as I approach these beautiful subjects of literature and history, I hope to draw them into the beauty of God so that they can say by the end of the class: “I know God better, and I delight in Him more.”

The same can be said in reverse as I approach my seminary classes. Some I enjoy more than others, but all of them present an opportunity for me to be influenced by the professors and the coursework for good or for ill (they don’t call seminary a cemetery for no reason–more on this in another post). And my prayer is that as I dive into these classes and books, I will come away being able to say that I, too, know God better, and I delight in Him more. What else am I really here for?

There’s so much I want to write about, but I should probably get some reading done. Stay alert for a string of posts within the next week. As always, thanks for being faithful readers. I know I’m loved.


P.S. You will see a change on the prayer page. God answered your prayers and helped me pass the Greek I clep test! This saved me over $1000, and a lot of time. Thanks for your prayers.


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