Taking Charlotte by Storm

I’ve arrived! On Monday afternoon my parents and I pulled into the big city.  The past few days I’ve been getting acquainted to the city–and the traffic!!!–and getting settled into the new home. At first I thought it would be a squeeze for four guys to live in the tiny house, but I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the living room and ceiling. So while our bedrooms are small, the open living room gives us the ability to spread out and not feel cramped: a must for four grown guys, you know.  The donated furniture is starting to arrive at the house, making the living room come to life. It’s so amazing to see the generosity of people who don’t even know me! All in all, the move is going well so far. It will take a few more days to get set up and oriented to the city (well, probably months to get oriented to the city to be honest), but it’s a start! I start preparing for Greek and teaching at Greyfriars today as well. Exciting times, for sure.

Prayer Items: That my housemates and I would be able to set up the house before the craziness of school starts.

That I would be diligent in my Greek studies so that I can test out of Greek I and start Greek II in the fall.

Until Next Time, The Little Fish in a Really Big Pond


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